Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

After announcing Coke Zero Sugar in a press release, we noticed that consumers were upset about losing Coke Zero. This dislike for the product change was all over social media. To show that Coca-Cola was listening we created a social first campaign after the negative response. 

Partnering with rapper @vedothesinger, we twisted consumer's tweets about the loss of Coke Zero into positive raps about the launch of Coke Zero Sugar.

Copywriter: Sarah Bailey

Co-AD: Charlie Cooper

Creative Director: Nat Resende

Agency: Havas


Take a listen and let @vedothesinger and #CokeZeroSugar turn that 😭 into 😍

Josh Tweeted, "@CokeZero My heart is breaking. Your'e tearing me apart." So @vedothesinger came by to cheer him up.